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Tuitions Fees

As for every Public University Management School, tuitions fees for full time national accreditated programs at IAE Gustave Eiffel are set annually by the French Government. In Apprenticeship, tuitions fees are paid by the School.

Tuitions Fees for 2020/2021 

Full-time Programs 

  • Bachelor: 170 euros per year
  • Master: 243 euros per year


Apprenticeship Programs 

  • Bachelor: free of charge
  • Master: free of charge


Continuous Education (Life Long Learning)

  • At UPEC, tuition fees are the same than Full Time Programs.
  • At UGE, tuitions fees are waived.

However, accordingly to your status, substantial additional fees are required. Please check here for details.

Fees for international students 

For the 2021-2022 year, our universities (UPEC and UGE) will allow all international students in 3rd Year of Bachelor's degree, and in Master's degrees (as well as few others exceptions in 1st Year, graduated from French Highschool AEFE network, holder of a political status..) to pay the same registration fees as French or European Union students, in accordance with the executive board decision and according to all the legal procedures for fees waiver

Please note that at UPEC, international candidates who interrupted their studies are considered in the track of Continuous Education which require additional fees (check here).

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