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Globalisation et management

Enseignant : Eric Hertzler

Objectif du cours


The objective of this course is to develop your knowledge and understanding of the global environment as well as of concepts, tools and theory in order to prepare you to become an effective strategic manager (or enhance your abilities) overseeing strategic activities and making the best decisions in an increasingly competitive, complex and dynamic environment.
More precisely, this course is designed to expose students to several key aspects of the international strategy arena.
Specific course objectives include the following:
• To develop and understand the terminology, the concepts and the challenges of Globalization and international strategic management
• To develop students' understanding of the international strategic environment in which international business decisions are made, including the organizational and competitive challenges of the 21st Century.
• To develop understanding of the different forms of business activity, and the range of alternative theoretical frameworks for analyzing business decision making.
• To analyze and evaluate the strategic management, planning and decision making processes in domestic and international firms.
• To develop critical understanding in relation to the strategic analysis process, the choice and evaluation of appropriate business strategies
• To encourage the students to act in the role of a Manager making decisions that affect shareholders wealth in an cross cultural environment

Plan du cours

Plan du cours

1. Issues of Globalization
2. Global Strategic Management Diagnosis
3. Global Strategy and the Multinational Corporation
4. Implementing Global Strategy
5. Cross cultural Challenges and the future of Management

Volume horaire : 27.00 h
Période : non semestrialisé
Unité d'enseignement : U.E. 3 : Management et conseil
Langue : anglais
ECTS : 3.00