Master 2 - International MBA

Objectifs de la formation

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The International MBA is a one year program entirely taught in English. This Master 2 is dedicated to students who validated at least 240 ECTS, 4 years of Higher Education with a Graduate Degree in Management, Economics or Social Sciences, but also to students in other disciplines or young professionals who wish to build a career through a professional break used to acquire new knowledge and skills.

The program through more than 400 hours of classes in Management, Strategy and Finance offers the opportunity to gain international, transferable skills for the workplace by working in groups of students from diverse cultural backgrounds tutored by French and International experts. You will also have the opportunity to learn French.

The International MBA will help you grow to take on broader responsibilities more efficiently, sharpen your strategic and analytical skills with a hands-on mentality and drive for results.

You will be able to build your professional project through mentoring support, electives courses and a 6 month Internship.

You will create a new professional skills set with a high capacity for creative thinking and build a valuable international network.

The courses will take place in the main campus of the University Paris Est Créteil, just 25 minutes from the heart of Paris (Bastille).



Organisation de la formation

The program runs for 2 semesters: September to December / January to February.

Class size is limited to 25-30 students from all around the world.

Période en entreprise/organisation

A compulsory 6-month internship must be done in France or abroad from March to September.

Approche pédagogique

The teaching method encourages strong student involvement, through active participation, personal involvement, and team work. All courses consist of a mix of lectures, readings, case studies and discussions.

All resources from Harvard Business School are made available to students.

Emphasis will be placed on the development of analytical skills, critical thinking and written and oral skills.

Faculty members are International Professors, Researchers, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Senior Lecturers who all share with enthusiasm their expertise and international experience.

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The IMBA covers a full year of advanced studies, split into two semesters of 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) each, in accordance with the European University scheme:

  • 8 core courses per semester: courses from the units "Fundamentals of Business Management" + 1 Business Game during the first semester, 6 core courses in the second semester
  • 1 Language Electives per semester

First semester: mid-September to end-December

Second semester: classes from mid-January to end-February, internship from April to September

Assessment is based on class participation, assignments throughout the semester and final written examinations. This is adapted to each course and in-class assessment may be oral or written, individual or within a group.



Master (M2) - International MBA

1er semestre / U.E. 1 : Fundamentals of business management 3
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Business Ethics 24,0 3,00 Patrick Fleurentdidier
Business Game 14,0 2,00 Patrick Fleurentdidier
Business Game 2 7,0 2,00 Asad Ali Rind
Financial Markets 12,0 4,00 Erkin Diyarbakirlioglu
Financial Markets 2 12,0 4,00 Asad Ali Rind
Global & European Economics 24,0 3,00 Boris Najman
International Business Law 1 12,0 1,50 Marie-Elodie Ancel
International Business Law 2 12,0 1,50 Ted Gleason
Process & Operation Management 24,0 4,00 Asad Ali Rind
Uncertainty, Data and Judgement 24,0 3,00 Thibault Brodaty
1er semestre / U.E. 2 : Developing management skills 3
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce 20,0 3,00 John Leo Tarver
French Language & Civilization 20,0 2,00 Irena Rambi
French Language & Civilization 20,0 2,00 Nathalie Henon
French Language & Civilization 20,0 2,00 Laura Friez
Project Management 21,0 3,00 Arnault Lamey
Spanish Language 20,0 2,00 Stéphane Pelletier
2nd semestre / U.E. 3 : Fundamentals of business management 4
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Financial Accounting 24,0 4,00 André Rémond
Innovation Management 12,0 4,00 Hélène Peton
Innovation Management 2 12,0 4,00 Mathias Béjean
International Negotiation 24,0 4,00 Olivier Ferrier
Leadership 12,0 4,00 Cedric Tcheng
Leadership 2 12,0 4,00 Eric Hertzler
2nd semestre / U.E. 4 : Developing management skills 4
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Cross Cultural Management 24,0 3,00 Eric Hertzler
Entrepreneurship 24,0 3,00 Kenza Cardot
French Language & Civilization 20,0 2,00 Irena Rambi
Internship 8,0 6,00 Eric Hertzler
Spanish Language 20,0 2,00 Stéphane Pelletier


Applications are now closed for 2018/2019.


For information - CALENDAR FOR APPLICATIONS 2018-2019

Application periods

Application must be sent by

Admissibility results


Admission interviews

Admission results

(By personal notification)


Round 1

April 24th, 2018

The week before the Admission results

May 23rd, 2018

May 28th, 2018

Round 2*

June 1st, 2018

The week before the Admisison results

June 27th, 2018

July 4th, 2018

* There is no guarantee for second session to open, therefore we highly recommend candidates to apply for the first session.



This programme is designed for English-speaking graduates students.

Students must have earned 240 ECTS (European credit transfer system).



Admission is based on written applications and individual interviews.


Step 1 - Written applications

To apply for admission to the IMBA, students must first create an account on this website (from the yellow section at the top of this page), then download and fill out the application form they will obtain following this registration.


Students must send by post at the adress indicated on the application form, the following documents along with their application form:

  • Motivation letter in English
  • Resume (CV) in English
  • Copy of an English test score report among: TOEFL (min. iBT 90), IELTS Academic or General (min. 7) or TOEIC Listening and Reading (min. 850). Native English-speaking candidates and candidates having completed 4 years of studies fully taught in English are exempt from this requirement.
  • Copy of diplomas and transcripts of records (as well as official English or French translation of diplomas and transcripts)


Step 2 - Individual interviews

Shortlisted students will then be invited to attend a on-campus selection interview with the admissions officer in May (for Round 1) and June (for Round 2). For candidates living abroad, webcam interviews can be arranged. Based on these interviews, the final participants will be chosen.


Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the Master in Business Administration are limited to the registration fees to the University Paris-Est Créteil:

- Registration: €261.10 (in 2015-2016)

- Students Social Security: €215 (in 2015-2016)

Students who interrupted their studies will be considered as students in continuous training. As a result, the tuition fee will be 6300 euros per year for the program.

However if you have previously worked in France and you are legally registered  with the French National Job Center "POLE EMPLOI", the tuition fee is reduced at 1800 euros per year, subject to presentation of a valid document at the time of the official registration (September).




Plannings des classes :


Applications are now closed


2ème session


Mise en ligne des dossiers : 02/05/2018

Date limite d’envoi : 01/06/2018

Mise en ligne des admissibilités : 08/06/2018

Dates oraux d’admissions : 27/06/2018

Mise en ligne des résultats d’admission : 29/06/2018 au plus tard.


Compétences et métiers

Skills and jobs

You will sharpen your ability to analyze complex situations and contribute to strategic decisions with a more holistic view on doing business and greater confidence to take on additional responsibilities.

More specifically it will lead you to :
- Broaden and deepen your general knowledge in Management and Finance
- Use your knowledge and adapt it with an ethical intercultural view
- Get some experience in major French or International Companies
- Join the network of the IAE France Alumni
This program will allow you to apply for general or project management positions in start-ups, international companies, institutions or organizations leading to highly diversified international careers in France, Europe or Overseas

Alumni are now:

- Assistant Manager Analytics - Strategic Operations at Adidas (Germany)

- Sales Development Representative at HP (Spain)

- Assistant Global Strategic Marketing at Sanofi Aventis (France)

- Global CSR Project Manager at Havas Group (France)

- Corporate Strategy Analyst at IDEMIA (France)

- Environmental Manager at Airbus (France)


Digital Marketer , Development Manager, Expert Solution, Event Manager, HR Manager, Entrepreneur, PhD Candidates...

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