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Objectifs de la formation

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WHAT IS THE International MBA?

The International Master in Business Administration (First Year) entirely taught in English, is a unique opportunity to study management in Paris in an international and stimulating environment.

The IMBA is a one year full-time program in management. It is dedicated to students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Economics or social Sciences, but also to students in other disciplines (BA/BSc honours, Licence or equivalent).

It is designed to provide skills in the core areas of business administration as well as an in-depth understanding of concepts, techniques and professional applications in several disciplines of management. The curriculum encompasses advanced courses which enable candidates to make optimal management decisions in an ever more complex business environment.

Students have also the opportunity to learn French.

The program is open to international students enrolled in the Erasmus program and other bilateral exchanges agreements signed by IAE Gustave Eiffel – University Paris-Est Créteil, to international “free mover” students and also to French students (20%).

The program offers participants the opportunity to gain international, transferable skills for the work place by working in groups of students from diverse national and cultural backgrounds.

The courses will take place in the main campus of the University Paris Est Créteil, just 25 minutes from the heart of Paris (Bastille).

Organisation de la formation

The program runs for 2 semesters: September to December / January to April

Class size is limited to 25 students from all around the world (approximately 80% overseas students from 18 different nationalities).

Période en entreprise/organisation

A 4-month internship in France or abroad can be done from May to August.

Approche pédagogique

The teaching method encourages strong student involvement, through active participation, personal involvement, and team work. All courses consist of a mix of lectures, readings, case studies and discussions.

All resources from Harvard Business School are made available to students.

Emphasis will be placed on the development of analytical skills, critical thinking and written and oral skills.

Faculty members are international Professors, Researchers, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Senior Lecturers who all share with enthusiasm their international experience.

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The IMBA covers a full year of advanced studies, split into two semesters of 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) each, in accordance with the European University scheme:

  • 6 Core Courses per semester: courses from the units "Fundamentals of Business Management"
  • 2 Electives per semester among French Language and Civilization, Spanish Language, Business Communication (first semester), Team Project (first semester), Entreprise 2,0 (second semester), Internship (second semester).

The first semester starts from mid-September and ends up at the end of december and the second semester is from end of january to the end of April (or the end of April without the internship).

Assessment is based on class participation, assignments throughout the semester and final written examinations. This is adapted to each course and in-class assessment may be oral or written, individual or within a group.


Master (M1) International Master in Business Administration (full time)

1er semestre / U.E. 1 : Fundamentals of business management 1
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Corporate Finance 24,0 4,00 Pierre Astolfi
Corporate Social Responsibility 24,0 4,00 Laurence Beierlein
Economic Analysis for Business decisions 24,0 4,00 Boris Najman
Harvard business 2,0 0,00 Eric Hertzler
International Marketing 24,0 4,00 Margaret Josion-Portail
International Strategic Management 24,0 4,00 Patrick Fleurentdidier
Organizational Behaviour 24,0 4,00 Rémi Jardat
1er semestre / U.E. 2 : Developing management skills 1
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Business Communication 24,0 3,00 Eric Hertzler
Business game 21,0 2,00 Patrick Fleurentdidier
Business game 6,0 2,00 Asad Ali Rind
French Language and Civilization 20,0 3,00 Irena Rambi
French Language and Civilization 20,0 3,00 Nathalie Henon
French Language and Civilization 20,0 3,00 Laura Friez
Spanish 20,0 3,00 Stéphane Pelletier
Team Project 18,0 3,00 Kenza Cardot
2nd semestre / U.E. 3 : Fundamentals of business management 2
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
European Business Law 24,0 4,00 Marie-Armelle Jeanneret
Human Resource Management 24,0 4,00 Jean Dugas
Investment 24,0 4,00 Erkin Diyarbakirlioglu
Management Accounting and control 24,0 4,00 Pierre Astolfi
Management Information Systems 24,0 4,00 Wilf Hateley
Supply Chain Management 24,0 4,00 Marc Van Migom
2nd semestre / U.E. 4 : Developing management skills 2
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Entreprise 2,0 24,0 3,00 John Leo Tarver
French Language and Civilization 20,0 3,00 Irena Rambi
French Language and Civilization 20,0 3,00 Nathalie Henon
French Language and Civilization 20,0 3,00 Laura Friez
Internship 8,0 3,00 Eric Hertzler
Spanish 20,0 3,00 Stéphane Pelletier


Applications  are now closed for 2018/2019.


For information - CALENDAR FOR APPLICATIONS 2018/2019

Application periods

Application must be sent (by post) by

Admissibility results


Admission interviews

Admission results

(By personal notification)


Round 1

April, 24th 2018

The week before
 the Admission results

May, 22nd 2018

May 28th 2018

Round 2

June, 1st 2018

The week before the Admission results

June, 26th 2018

July, 4th 2018



Please visit our web pages dedicated to exchange students.

Exchange Period

Application deadline

Fall semester (first semester)

May 31st, 2018

Spring semester (second semester)

October 31st, 2018



This programme is designed for English-speaking students with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management and Social Sciences, but also in other disciplines.

Students must have earned 180 ECTS (European credit transfer system) within the framework of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma (BA/BSc honours, Licence or equivalent).



Admission is based on written applications and individual interviews.

1° Written applications

To apply for admission to the IMBA, students must first create an account on this website (from the yellow section at the top of this page), then download and fill out the application form they will obtain following this registration.

The application form  is no available since June 1st, 2018.

Students must send by post at the adress indicated on the application form, the following documents along with their application form:

  • Motivation letter in English
  • Resume (CV) in English
  • Copy of an English test score report among: TOEFL (min. iBT 90), IELTS Academic or General (min. 7) or TOEIC Listening and Reading (min. 850) Native English-speaking candidates and candidates holding a Bachelor degree fully taught in English are exempt from this requirement.
  • Copy of diplomas and transcripts of records (as well as official English or French translation of diplomas and transcripts)


2° Individual interviews

Shortlisted students will then be invited to attend a on-campus selection interview with the admissions officer in May (for Round 1) and June (for Round 2). For candidates living abroad, webcam interviews can be arranged. Based on these interviews, the final participants will be chosen.


3° Tuition fees

Please note that the fees must be paid by all enrolled students, and are the same regardless of student's nationality. There are no application fees. Also, the University Paris-Est Créteil does not provide students with scholarships, candidates are advised to apply for French state scholarships or other scholarships.

Tuition fees for the IMBA are limited to the registration fees to the University Paris-Est Créteil and must be paid in September, at the enrollment:

- Registration: €261.10 (2017 - 2018)

- Students Social Security: €217 (2017 - 2018)

Students who interupted  their studies  will be considered as students in continuous training. As a result, the tuitions fee will be 6300 euros per year for the program.

However if you have previously worked in France and you are legally registered with the French National Job Center "POLE EMPLOI", the tuition fee is reduced to 1800 euros per year, subject to presentation of a valid document at the time of the official registration (September).





Applications are now closed



2ème session


Mise en ligne des dossiers : 02/05/2018

Date limite d’envoi : 01/06/2018

Mise en ligne des admissibilités : 08/06/2018

Dates oraux d’admissions : 26/06/2018

Mise en ligne des résultats d’admission : 29/06/2018 au plus tard.




Poursuite d'études et mobilités internationales


According to their grades, at the end of this first year, students can specialize themselves in one of the Second Year Master’s of any French IAE programs. They have also access to other specialized curriculum in France (Universities, "Grandes Ecoles") or abroad:

  • IAE Eiffel, Master Gestion de Portefeuille, Master GHR, Master Marketing Chef de Produit, Master Innovation, Design et Luxe, Master Logistique et Achats Internationaux...
  • UC Berkeley, Californie Master in Health Management 
  • ESSEC 
  • Dauphine M2 en Marketing
  • Dauphine M2 en Gestion de Projet
  • Paris II Panthéon Assas
  • CNAM, Master Project Management and Business Engineering
  • GEM, Master Digital Strategy
  • Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris


Students can also directly choose to work in France or abroad. Below are some of the positions now held by IMBA alumni:

  • Junior Accountant Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Online Marketing Specialist


Alumni testimonials

"This program helped me understand business from a variety of angles. Coming from a social science background, I acquired not only broad business knowledge but also a critical, international perspective by discussing and collaborating with classmates from around the world. Paris afforded me the opportunity to complete internships where I could hone my career interests with practical experience. Plus, I learned French and had so much fun living the student life in a world-renowned city."

Rachel Rivera, Junior Account Manager - Drupal Association, Portland, Oregon, USA - Class 2014


"IMBA was the best study experience so far for me, in terms of organization, diversity and team work. It is definitely a degree worth doing."

Angela Motpan, Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates – Class 2011


“The management courses were complimentary to my engineering background, which played vital role in landing me at a well suited job. I am grateful for the need that IMBA fulfilled in my life. I am currently a. On a daily basis, I must apply various aspects of theory and use some techniques that I learned during my IMBA to fulfill my responsibilities. With its truly international class, it has also provided me lifelong friends and networks from all around the world. I wholeheartedly endorse IMBA and everything for which it stands.”

Tamil Selvan, Business Development Executive – European Business and Technology Center - New Delhi, India – Class 2014


"The IMBA has been a great experience:
- In terms of learning, the syllabus covers a wide variety of subjects that are essential to develop business acumen and vision. Vision for entrepreneurship, or for a high company position.
- In terms of sharing and networking, the mix between french and international students is a true opportunity to open yourself to the world and build relationships. I still keep in touch with friends from the '10 promotion, and I am looking forward to one day, do business with them.
I highly recommend this master's program for any person who wishes to develop english speaking and writing proficiency, build a solid skill-set for employability, and make connections throughout the world."

Julien Rouah, Regional Sales Manager in Retail for Danone Waters (Chef des ventes régional Danone Eaux France) – Class 2010

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