Licence 3 - International Management (Sénart)

Objectifs de la formation

This 3rd and last year of our Licence 3-International Management (Licence Economie Gestion – Parcours Management International) is entirely taught in English.
This is a one year full-time program in management with one semester in France at IAE Eiffel and one semester in one of our partner universities in Europe or overseas . It is dedicated to French students with a two years degree (L2, associate degree, DUT...) in Economics, Management and Social Sciences but it is also open to international students enrolled in the Erasmus program and other bilateral exchanges agreements signed by IAE Gustave Eiffel – University Paris-Est Créteil, to international degree seaking students.
It is designed to provide basic skills in the core areas of business administration as well as an understanding of concepts, techniques and professional applications in several disciplines of management. The curriculum encompasses introductory courses which enable candidates to prepare themselves for a Master degree in the field of Business and Management.
Foreign students have also the opportunity to learn French while they are in Créteil and all student can study during their exchange semester in another language (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian…).
The program offers participants the opportunity to gain international, transferable skills for the work place by working in groups of students from diverse national and cultural backgrounds and doing an exchange program.
The courses will take place in the Sénart campus of the University Paris Est Créteil (UPEC), just 25 minutes by RER D from the heart of Paris (Gare de Lyon).

Organisation de la formation

The program runs for 2 semesters : September to December in one of our partner universities / January to April in campus of Sénart.

Class size is limited to 25 students from all around the world .

Période en entreprise/organisation


Approche pédagogique

The teaching method encourages strong student involvement, through active participation, personal involvement, and team work. All courses consist of a mix of lectures, readings, case studies and discussions.
All resources from Harvard Business School are made available to students.
Emphasis will be placed on the development of analytical skills, critical thinking and written and oral skills.
Faculty members are international Professors, Researchers, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Senior Lecturers who all share with enthusiasm their international experience.


This 3rd Year of the Licence 3 - International Management covers a full year of management studies, split into two semesters of 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) each, in accordance with the European University scheme :

In France, it consists in 4 units :

  • Communicate (3 ECTS)
  • Understand the Context (7 ECTS)
  • Understand and Manage People and Organizations (12 ECTS)
  • Professional experience (8 ECTS) : Internship

The first semester is based on the calendar of our international partner universities and the second semester starts from febrary and ends up at the end of April.
Assessment is based on class participation, assignments throughout the semester. This is adapted to each course and in-class assessment may be oral or written, individual or within a group.


Licence 3 - International Management

1er semestre /
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Semester in one of our partner universities in Europe or overseas 30,00
2nd semestre / U.E. 1 : Savoir échanger
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Team Project 20,0 2,00 Lolita Rubens
Team Project 10,0 1,00 Lounes Chelghoum
2nd semestre / U.E. 2 : Savoir analyser
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Competitive Intelligence 30,0 2,00 Pierre Coussy
Data Analysis 30,0 3,00 Lounes Chelghoum
Marketing 16,0 2,00 Suzy Menneret
2nd semestre / U.E. 4 : Comprendre et piloter les hommes et les organisations
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Fundamentals of Management Accounting and Control 28,0 2,00 Daniel Sarda
Management of Information System 28,0 2,00 Marine Fouquet
Principles of Finance 28,0 2,00 Daniel Sarda
Principles of Human Resource Management 30,0 3,00 Michel Barabel
Principles Operation Management 30,0 3,00 Myriam Tola
2nd semestre / U.E. 6 : Expérience professionnelle et internationale
Titre Heures ECTS Enseignant
Stage 0,0 8,00 Lounes Chelghoum




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Poursuite d'études et mobilités internationales

According to their grades, at the end of this nationally recognized Bachelor program, students will have 180 and therefore can apply to a Master’s of our IAE Gustave Eiffel (Marketing, Finance, and Management) or any French IAE programs
They have also access to other Master’s degree in France (Universities, "Grandes Ecoles") or abroad.

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