Marketing Research *

Licence 3 - International Management

Cours : Marketing Research *
Enseignant : Sacha Bensahel Mercier

Objectif du cours

This course is an introduction to Marketing Research. Its global objective is to allow each student to understand both principles and methods to lead a marketing research. At the end of this course, students will be able to (1) identify and search for the relevant information for a decision maker, (2) Conduct a research choosing the right approach, and using appropriate methodologies, (3) Analyze this information rigorously to provide reliable advice to the decision maker

Plan du cours

Volume horaire : 34,5 h
Période : 1er semestre
Unité d'enseignement : U.E. 1b : Fundamentals of General Management 1
Langue : anglais
ECTS : 4,50
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