The IAE Gustave Eiffel offers both undergraduate (Bachelor – Licence) and graduate (Master and PhD – Master et Doctorat) programs in fields such as accounting, finance, management, marketing, and health management.

All the degrees offered by the Eiffel School of Management are accredited by the French government. 17 Masters degrees have been created in accordance with labor market needs, 2 of which are specific to the IAE: the Master in Corporate Social Responsibility and the Master in Higher Education Management.

Furthermore, the Eiffel School of Management provides a range of different programs to suit the needs of all learners: full-time, part-time, and continuing education programs.

Ongoing dialogue with the corporate world and society helps our programs meet the demands of today's competitive global business environment.

As class size is limited (25 students) in 95% of the courses, students get individual attention. Teaching methods foster personal involvement and teamwork. The Eiffel School of Management also offers professional development for students through professional training and coaching.

These factors, combined with the opportunity to gain invaluable work and international experience, explain the excellent job placement of the IAE students.


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