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Applications 2020 IAE Gustave Eiffel

IAE Gustave is closed due to the spread of the Covid 19

Applications shall be processed online through "e-candidat UPEC" starting March 31. No SIM is required for the International MBA.

If you have already sent your application by postal mail, we apologize but you will have to download and fill out a new application then send it back in electronic format (unless you have already had a first interview. In which case you do not have to send a new electronic application)


The new procedure for online applications for IAE Gustave Eiffel


STEP 1 : Create your student account

Please go to - make sure you click on the British Flag and scroll to the bottom of the page to create your account:

Candidature 2020

Once you have created an account you will receive an email with a link to complete your application.

IMPORTANT: students who are registering at UPEC for the first time: when you fill out your application, in the section entitled “saisir informations personnelles”, DO NOT fill the following fields: INE and Clé INE. Click on SUIVANT on the same screen.


Step 2 : select a curriculum (Master)

Once you have completed your personal information, click on CANDIDATURES, then on IAE Gustave EIFFEL

Candidature 2020

For the International MBA you have 2 choices for the first year (M1) or the second year (M2):

  1. Initial Education (formation initiale): this is a fulltime program followed by an internship
  2. Continuous education (formation continue):
    — If you have interrupted your studies (for at lleast one year)

Candidature 2020

In the system, some of the choices on some scrolling menu are not translated and all automatic emails are in French - please use any online translation solution if you don’t understand.

Please our apologies for any inconvenience it may cause but this system was not build for international students.



  1. There is no apprenticeship track, It is a full time program.
  2. Tuitions fees for non europeans
  3. If you did you secondary « highschool » education in a foreign country please select 0031 in the scrolling menu
  4. « Supporting documents » : NO need for translated records if they are in French or English and No need for english proficiency test for native speakers or holders of a Bachelor taught in English.


Also make sure you updload all your documents in PDF – CV + Motivation letter + transcripts of records (including Baccalauréat or A levels for French applicants) + diplomas + languages proficiency test if you’re a non-native or if you didn’t do a Bachelor fully taught in English.

Good luck and do not hesitate to contact us in case needed!

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