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The Eiffel School of Management

The Eiffel School of Management (IAE Gustave Eiffel) is ranked among the best public business schools in France. Faculty renowned for their research and professional status, selective admissions, and successful alumni combine to provide an excellent learning environment.

It offers both undergraduate (Bachelor – Licence) and graduate (Master and PhD – Master et Doctorat) programs in fields such as accounting, finance, management, marketing, and health management.

The student body consists of more than 1050 graduates and undergraduates from 20 countries. The faculty includes 45 full-time professors and more than 350 adjunct professors.

The campus located in Créteil, 25 minutes by metro from the heart of Paris.

A word from the Dean

Dynamism, rigor, diversity: these are the three words that drive the IAE at the University Paris-Est Créteil.

Dynamism: the world is in perpetual motion, and thus the IAE must continually adapt its training programs to meet the ever-changing demands of the economy and to equip our alumni to become the managers of tomorrow. Critical evaluation of our actions prevents us from falling into the trap of singlemindedness, as we see daily the ills that such a manner of thinking creates.

Rigor: we strive for academic excellence, not only because we are part of a university, but also because of our strong ties with the corporate world. We are thus called on to be professional, and we constantly scrutinize the service we provide to both students and employers.

Diversity: we believe this to be a source of inestimable wealth. Diversity is found in the wide array of training programs we offer, the modes of study (full- or part-time), our student body (made up of students, employees, job seekers), the social origins and nationalities (15% foreign) of our degree-seeking and exchange students.

Isabelle Vandangeon-Derumez
Dean of the Eiffel School of Management

The University Paris-Est Créteil

The IAE Gustave Eiffel is the School of Management of the University Paris-Est Créteil, one of the biggest multidisciplinary universities in the Paris Region.

About the University

The IAE network in France

With 31 business schools throughout France, the IAE network is the largest source of management education in the French university system. (IAE stands for Instituts d'Administration des Entreprises: institutes of business administration).

Seamlessly weaving the advantages of private business schools with those of the universities, France’s IAEs are distinctly “university-affiliated schools of management.” With a combined enrollment of more than 45,000 students, the IAEs confer some 1000 degrees each year in management fields.


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